"Busy-Bee" Coconut Honey Rum Cake



    I just followed the instructions on the box - pick a good brand to start with.  Then add the 2 Tab. of honey, lemon zest and coconut extract while you are beating it.  Pour into greased, floured, non stick bundt pan.  Can't believe I know what a bundt pan is, but that's what comes from living at home when you should be moving on, right?  So, after it's baked, again, see what the box said, mine was 40 minutes, cool on rack.  At this point you will be glad you did the greasing and flouring ahead of time!  Trust me.  So, give er 20 or 30 minutes and then start the frosting.  Get your siblings to help with the coconut part.  Now, if you have any rum leftover, well, don't let it go to waste... if you know what I mean!  Awesome cake, and mom says you can use a yellow cake from scratch, but why bother?  This is great for that busy bee in all us bachelors!

    Frosting (the big finale):
    Beat in a medium bowl with electric mixer on low speed softened butter, icing sugar, zest, milk, honey, essence until well blended.  Increase speed to medium and beat for 30 seconds or until smooth.  With pastry brush, coat all sides of cake with melted honey and dark rum (whisked together), including the centre circle (if using bundt pan).  Frost cake, over honey glaze, and press coconut into sides by turning cake over a plate in one hand and lifting and press the flakes onto the icing with the other hand.  It's  bit messy but well worth the effort. 

    Dust with icing sugar lightly.  Chill if possible for 1 hour before serving.  This gives time to sample the rum and clean up the kitchen.