About Us

We’re Canadian beekeepers who produce, pack and distribute our own honey

We’re committed to beekeeping in Canada, supplying a 100% pure product and caring for the bees that provide us with their honey.
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Bee Maid Partners

We celebrate our relationships with those who distribute our honey

Our community of partnerships is large and includes international, domestic, industrial, food service and private label markets.

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Our Products

Creamed, Liquid and Specialty Honeys

Our products contain 100% pure Canadian honey, giving you the highest quality honey, year after year, bottle after bottle. 

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Delicious honey-infused recipes, suggestions and inspiration

Browse our digital library of delightful recipes that include desserts, dressings, mains, beverages and beyond.

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The Buzz

Our blog about all things honey

Learn more than you ever imagined about the world of bees, honey production and more.

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Honey Producers

Producer coops are a legacy of prairie survival and success

Bee Maid Honey Limited began when a few beekeepers came together in 1954 to sell their pure honey to Canadian households.

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