Why is my creamed honey hard?

As you may or may not know, creamed honey is prepared by “seeding” a bit of crystallized honey in liquid honey. We then churn the honey until it becomes very smooth. After we pack the product, we let it sit in our cold room to set where it becomes quite solid. Creamed honey’s natural tendency is to turn to liquid over time and the higher the temperature, the quicker this happens. Our intention of letting the product sit in a cold room is to give it a longer shelf life. If the tub is being stored in a cooler area of the house like your pantry, it will not soften up as quickly. If you would like to help this process of softening up the honey, you can place the tub above your stove or in a warmer area of your house. It may take a day or two for the product to soften up, giving you the creamy consistency you know and love!