How Do Bees Help The Environment?

Bee Maid Honey is pleased to be a part of the natural chain of life. Just look for “Product of Canada” on every container of honey. This ensures that the product you purchase has played a vital part in supporting the agricultural industry in Canada. 

Bee Maid’s honey is all local in origin, gathered from hardworking bees across the Prairie Provinces, and 100% Canadian. Not only do our bees provide work for over 2000 beekeepers throughout Western Canada, but they also provide a great service to the farming community and the environment in general.

Our honeybees are perhaps the most important pollinator operating in the Canadian agricultural industry.  Pollination is, quite simply, transferring grains of pollen from one plant to another, to fertilize the ovaries of flowers.  While some plants rely on wind to provide pollination, and others are self-pollinating, most flowering plants need the services of natural pollinators, such as honeybees, to do the work. Many of the crops grown on the Canadian Prairies require the use of pollinators: so important are honeybees as pollinators that many farmers will pay beekeepers to have hives located on their land. By using honeybees as pollinators, crop yields can be increased by as much as 300%. Local crops such as canola, alfalfa, and sunflower benefit immensely from the use of our honeybees as pollinators. A good pollination system is part of a healthy eco-system.

In addition to the benefits that our honeybees provide to the agricultural industry, they also provide similar pollination services to wild plants and flowers. Many of our trees, such as willow and poplar, benefit from the pollination services of honeybees, which help to preserve and spread our natural forests. The wealth of flowering plants that blanket the prairies owe much of their existence to the visits of the honeybees:  in fact, many flowers evolved in conjunction with the bees. To remove the bees from the environment would mean the demise of many species of flowers and plants that we take for granted. 

Many of the plants that our honeybees help to foster provide seeds, fruit, and nuts that feed numerous animal species native to Canada. This is an indirect benefit of honeybees, but a crucial one. If bees were removed from the environment, not only would the plants suffer and expire, but so would many natural animal species that depend upon those plants for their own survival. Loss of honeybees would mean the collapse of the natural ecosystem, so the value of bees aside from the simple production of honey cannot be underestimated.