Our Commitment to Quality

It all begins with the bees

But our beekeepers play an even bigger part—they’re passionate about what they do and very proud of the 100% Canadian honey they produce. Their dedication, committment to quality and attention to detail are especially high because they own the company that distributes their product. We are a proud Canadian company that sources all of its honey from owner producers, so you can trust that the quality of the product is pure and 100% traceable from hive to home. 

Once the honey makes its way to our packing facilities, we put it through a series of laboratory tests to ensure safety, purity and quality. The containers are tested again before and after filling. We’ve been packing honey for more than 60 years and we are proud of our commitment to quality and going above and beyond the requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

SQF and HACCP certified

Bee Maid Honey Limited has HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) based food safety programs certified by SQF (Safe Quality Food) and CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). These certification requirements provide a rigorous system to manage food safety risks and provide safe products for use by companies in the food industry. Bee Maid Honey Limited is also compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements that are issued by the US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration)

True Source® means honey you can trust

True Source® is a honey industry certification program that conducts regular audits through an independent third-party provider to validate that the honey being tested has been ethically sourced in a transparent and traceable manner.  

The True Source® Certification program was born to address a problem of mislabelled and illegally sourced Chinese honey that had made its way to retailers across the United States. Bee Maid Honey is the first Canadian packer to obtain True Source Certified® status.

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