Bee Informed

That's right! Honeybees DON'T sleep! Not by our understanding of sleep, anyhow... 

  • Honeybees are insects
  • Honeybees have 6 legs, 5 eyes, and 2 sets of wings
  • Honeybees can fly at about 20 mph
  • Most honeybees in a colony are workers, who live for about 6 weeks
  • Each colony has 1 queen, who will live for about 2-3 years
  • Both workers and queens are female
  • The male honeybees are called drones, and they do no work at all
  • There will be between 20,000-60,000 honeybees in one colony
  • Only workers will sting, and only if they feel threatened as they would die once they sting.
  • Queens have a stinger, but don’t leave the hive to help defend it and Drones have no stinger.