Pollinator Friendly Flowers

Flowering plants are more than just a way to brighten up your yard, patio or balcony. They are an essential because they attract pollinators like honeybees! And we all know that we depend on bees to help us enjoy a vast variety of foods. Here are seven flowers that grow well in many places in Canada and are great for pollinators!  

  1. New England Aster - known for their bright flowers and abundance of pollen.
  2. Golden Tickseed - wonderful flower for full sun or part shade.
  3. Wild Chives - these grow pretty much anywhere in Canada and their purple bloom attracts honeybees.
  4. Red Raspberries - pollinators love the white blossoms that come out in spring.
  5. Lavender Hyssop - this perennial blooms all summer and pollinators are attracted to this fragrant herb.
  6. Low Bush Blueberry - grown in many parts of Canada, bees love the flowers and then you can enjoy the blueberries!
  7. Prairie Crocus - blooming in late spring/early summer, it's blooms spread giving pollinators plenty to enjoy.