3 Sweet & Spooky Honey Recipes for Halloween

Halloween 2020 will look very different depending on where you live. Some kids won’t be able to partake in the traditional trick or treating and that is as hard on the parents as it is on the kids! If you still want to celebrate Halloween, while protecting your ‘bubble’ – here are three great recipes that will make your home based Halloween party a ‘howl’!  Share you creations with us on Instagram or Facebook by tagging @beemaidhoney.
1. Peanut Butter and Honey Fudge Bars
Peanut butter and honey go together like ghosts and haunted houses. This amazing concoction can be customized with your favourite Halloween candy! Use peanut free candy and sunflower seed butter if you'd like to make a nut free version.
1 cup of pitted dates (soaked for 20 minutes in warm water if they are not tender)
¼ cup organic coconut oil, melted
¼ cup BeeMaid Creamed Honey
½ cup smooth peanut butter (nut-free option Sun Butter)
1 ½ cups of cacao powder
1¼ cup crushed walnuts (optional)
½ tsp large flake sea salt
½ cup of your favorite Halloween candy
Line an 8×8 baking tin with parchment.
Add the dates to a food processor and pulse until the mixture sticks together and the food processor will no longer “blend”. You almost want a ball to form.
Remove the lid and add the coconut oil, BeeMaid Honey, peanut butter, cacao and walnuts. Pulse the mixture till smooth should take around 20-30 seconds.
Now dollop the mixture into the pan, and pat down with your hands till flat.
Push down the Halloween candy of choice!   Finish this with a sprinkle of flaky sea salt.

Place in the freezer for at least two hours, and cut into squares and serve!

2.  Caramel Apples are as traditional at Halloween as carving a pumpkin.  Using BeeMaid Honey instead of sugar gives your caramel a smooth, creamy texture without any sugar graininess. This recipe is super simple, just watch your caramel carefully!

6 medium apples
1 cup BeeMaid honey
¾ cup heavy (whipping) cream
2 Tbsp. butter
¼ tsp. sea salt
red food colouring (optional)
½ cup one of crushed nuts, candy pieces, sprinkles (optional)
6 popsicle sticks
Whisk BeeMaid Honey, cream, butter and salt in a saucepan over medium-high heat until it begins to bubble, then reduce the heat to medium. Stir in food colouring (if using) - until you get the colour you want.
Continue whisking the caramel to prevent scorching and prevent it from bubbling up. Continue to cook until it reaches a temperature of 260F. The bubbles should be small and should cover the surface of the pan and the caramel should be thickened. Takes about 25 minutes.
Prepare an ice bath. Pour the honey caramel into a mixing bowl and place the bowl in the ice bath, taking care not to splash water into the hot caramel. Stir the caramel until it is uniformly cooled and it begins to thicken just a bit.
Insert a wooden stick into the core of your apples and roll them in the caramel until uniformly coated. If you want, then roll them in chopped nuts, candy pieces, sprinkles etc and place them on a piece of parchment paper to cool completely.
3. Popcorn balls are another nostalgic Halloween treat.  The update to this recipe is replacing most of the sugar with BeeMaid Honey!  You could add fun Halloween sprinkles or candies to make these even more fun.
½ cup BeeMaid Honey
¼ cup sugar
1 Tbsp butter
½ tsp cinnamon
5 cups hot-air popped popcorn
butter for handling
Place air-popped popcorn in a large bowl and set aside.
In a microwave-safe bowl, combine BeeMaid Honey, sugar, cinnamon and 1 tablespoon butter. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave on high or to 275° F for 3-6 minutes (depending on how powerful your microwave is – watch carefully!).
Pour honey mixture over popcorn and stir to coat with a wooden spoon then set aside to cool.
Wash your hands, coat them with butter, then shape popcorn into balls. Makes 6 (depending on how big you make them)