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Karen Pedersen - Beekeeper


Karen is a 5th generation beekeeper so she grew up around bees her entire life.  As a teenager, she was terrified of the bees and could hardly wait to get off the farm, but the more she worked with them, the less afraid she became.  In the end, she became fascinated with the bees and was hooked and knew beekeeping was how she was going to make a living. 

Karen’s favourite part of beekeeping is raising queens and she has hundreds of mini mating hives.  Those hives are exactly the same as normal hives, but are so tiny so that she can work hundreds of them in a day.  In working with those hives, she gets to see how the bees work and watch them do things that the books say they don’t do.  She believes she is fortunate to see and learn new things about bees every day.