Canadian Products

Bee Maid Honey has been producing high quality honey since 1954.

All our products contain 100% pure Canadian honey, produced by our beekeeper owners.  We changed our packaging to showcase our beekeepers front and center.  Now Canadians everywhere can learn more about the hardworking beekeepers owners of our company and we are all committed to giving you the highest quality, most delicious honey we can produce—year after year, bottle after bottle.

Creamed Honey

Our creamed honey gives you a creamy, delicious flavour. We have a special proprietary process for producing creamed honey that makes it melt in your mouth and easy to spread.

Pasteurized: 500 g
Unpasteurized: 1 kg, 2 kg

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Liquid Honey

Our liquid honey can be an extremely versatile ingredient in your kitchen. The white, delicate, mild taste is a perfect addition to sauces, dressings, baked goods and even beverages.

Pasteurized: 375 g, 500 g, 1 kg
Unpasteurized: 500 g

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Premium Honey

We have a variety of specialty premium products to inspire you to use honey in different ways in your kitchen and everyday life.

Premium Clover Honey

Delicate and delicious, our Premium Clover Honey is created primarily from the nectar of white and red clover, an exquisite choice for refined palates.

Premium Clover: 500g

Raw Honey

Raw – Our beekeepers' Raw Honey is pure, natural honey, minimally heated and filtered to provide you with a smooth, creamy texture you'll love.  

Raw: 500g

Li'l Honeys

Li’l Honeys – Taking honey on the go with you is easy with our Li’l Honeys portion packets.  These one-teaspoonful packets give you just the right amount for sweetening on the run.  Available for food service customers in a Bulk 500 box or Convenience 120 pack. Our new Li’l Honeys Convenience pack is looking better than ever.  Its' sturdy design and modern look are both appealing and functional.  

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