Honey Producers

Our dreams are made of honey

In 1954, Bee Maid Honey Limited started with the dream of a few beekeepers who wanted to collectively sell their honey to Canadians looking for a 100% pure Canadian honey. Their goal was work together as a producer co-op while meeting the highest standards for honey production and packaging. That dream is still very much alive today as we continue to package, sell and distribute only 100% pure Canadian honey made by the bees of our member producers.


Honey Producer Cooperatives make Bee Maid’s business decisions

Bee Maid Honey is owned and operated by two co-operatives: the Manitoba Cooperative Honey Producers and the Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative. These Co-ops are comprised of independent, honey-producing beekeepers who set guidelines and make all of the business and marketing decisions for Bee Maid Honey.

Alberta Honey Producers Co-operative

Manitoba Cooperative Honey Producers

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