Top 9 Super Bowl Recipes

Super Bowl Sunday is coming soon! We've rounded up our top 9 Super Bowl Sunday recipes, perfect for watching football, hockey - or whatever you might be up to this weekend.

Here are our top 9 (in no particular order) - click the link for the recipe!         
1️⃣ Fig crostini with honey balsamic glaze
2️⃣ Honey burgers with grilled pineapple
3️⃣ Honey lime chicken skewers
4️⃣ Honey chili
5️⃣ Honey lime chicken tacos
6️⃣ Honey sriracha meatballs
7️⃣ Mushroom thyme & honey pastry bites
8️⃣ Teriyaki turkey wings
9️⃣ Honey bbq shredded pork