About Us

We are Bee Maid Honey

We are more than 300 Western Canadian Beekeepers who take care of the honeybees and harvest their pure delicious honey. We’re committed to providing the finest honey in every bottle we package to be enjoyed in households across the country and beyond. We’ve been doing it that way since the inception of our Co-ops in the 1930s and the formation of Bee Maid Honey Limited in 1954, ensuring consistent quality year after year, bottle after bottle. It’s the reason why we proclaim “Proudly Owned by Canadian Beekeepers” on every bottle of BeeMaid Honey.

Homegrown honey from across Canada

You’ve probably heard stories on the news about the unidentified origin of the food we eat every day. You can rest assured that all BeeMaid Honey is produced and packaged in Canada. Our beekeepers, who are also producers and company owners, can be found in the honey-producing region of Canada from Alberta to Manitoba.

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