4 Tips For Pollinator Friendly Gardening

We've already shared some fantastic plants and flowers that can help attract pollinators to your garden or green space (See our full list here), but did you know that how you plant also makes a huge difference? Here are a few tips to ensure your garden is a pollinator paradise throuhgout the year:

1. Plant in Clusters:

Creating clusters of the same plant species helps pollinators find their favorite flowers more easily. Think of it as a big, beautiful target for them! 

2. Choose the Right Spot:

Select a garden site that’s sheltered from strong winds and receives at least partial sunlight. This creates a cozy, inviting environment for our pollinating friends. 

3. Plan for Continuous Bloom

Ensure your garden has something in bloom from spring to fall. This provides a consistent food source for pollinators throughout the growing season. Adding more perennials can also save you time and energy. 

4. Avoid Chemicals

Taking care of your lawn is great but avoid using harsh chemical pesticides that kill pollinators. Herbicides also harm important native plants such as milkweed that pollinators rely upon as a food source and a place to nest. Go the natural way instead!

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