Featured Producer - Real Dubeau


A Beekeeping Legacy

Real Dubeau, a proud member of Alberta Honey Producers Co-op, carries forward a rich legacy of beekeeping that began with his grandfather, René, who acquired a single beehive during World War II. In 1966, Real's father, Clem, and his uncle Maurice, took over the operation, expanding it to 2,000 hives through sheer hard work and family dedication.

Real recalls how every family member, including the children, played vital roles in the apiary’s daily operations - highlighting the importance of collaboration. In 2010, Real and his wife Tanya took the reins of the beekeeping operation in St. Lina, AB, and with the support of their children and employees, have now expanded to 4,200 hives. Today, Real’s sons are beginning their journey in beekeeping, marking the start of the family's fourth generation in apiculture.

For over 60 years, the Dubeau's family apiary has been delivering high-quality honey to BeeMaid Honey, a testament to their enduring commitment to sustainability and excellence. Real finds immense fulfillment in the dynamic, problem-solving nature of beekeeping. From hive maintenance to infrastructure planning, he relishes the diverse challenges and tasks that change with the seasons and weather. This constant engagement ensures that no two days are alike. Real also takes great pride in the environmental impact of his work, viewing beekeeping as a green industry that contributes more to the earth than it takes.

With more people taking an interest in how and where their food comes from, Real says he is happy to see that the public is more informed than ever about the beekeeping industry and the importance of pollinators. He looks forward to an even brighter future and the prospect of keeping his family's beekeeping traditions alive and well in Alberta motivates him every day.