Meet Our Bosses (The Bees!)

Posted By: Beemaid Admin

Queen Cages – Can you Spot the Queen?

We like to refer to our bosses as the bees, because let’s face it – without them, we’d all be out of jobs! 

In April, the bees arrived!   Our stores have been buzzing with the arrival of the bees at our three Bee Outfitter locations (beekeeping supply stores).  Beekeepers are topping up their supplies and for many this includes the purchase of bees. 

According to Mike Seccombe, Marketing Representative at Bee Outfitters in Winnipeg, “This was a great year for our Manitoba beekeepers.  Many of them are reporting that this was one of their best winters and a majority of the bees made it through ready for another honey producing season.”   Even with a good winter, some beekeepers require new bees and queens because they may be splitting a strong hive, expanding their operation, or replacing bees from winter losses or that have reached the end of their natural life.  We even get some new beekeepers or hobbyists that need bees to start things up!

Unbelievably, Bee Outfitters in Manitoba received and distributed over 28 million bees in spring 2012!   The bees come from all over the world like Hawaii, New Zealand, California, Chile and Australia.   It’s always exciting when the bees arrive!


Each bee package contains 1kg of bees – approximately 8,000 bees!