Bee Maid Honey Supports Bee Research in Canada

Posted By: Gordon Marks

Bee Maid Honey Supports Bee Research in Canada

Bee Maid Honey is proud to announce that they will be contributing financial assistance to the following research projects this coming year:

Dr. Stephen Pernal, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada,
Beaverlodge Research Station, Beaverlodge, Alberta

A study on the integrated Management of Nosema & Detection of Antibiotic Residues.  Nosema ceranae is an emergent world-wide pathogen, and it, in combination with N. apis, have been linked to wide scale depopulation of colonies in North America and Europe.  This study will search for more effective chemotherapeutic controls for these parasites and generate a modern antibiotic residue dataset for fumagillin-based therapies. 


Dr. Dave Shutler, Associate Professor,
Acadia University
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

A study of the immune response of Western honey bees to parasitism by Nosema and Varroa mites.  Western honey bees (Apis mellifera) are exposed to a number of parasites.  Varroa destructor, Nosema apis, and N. ceranae have particularly detrimental effects on colony productivity and survival.  This study will compare honey bee immune responses to these three species of parasites as well as determine the effects of infection intensity and co-infection. 


 Anna Birmingham, MSc, R&D Specialist,
 Pherotech International Inc.
 Delta, BC

To develop and evaluate an inexpensive granular formulation of 2HHA (2-hydroxy hexanoic acid – a naturally occurring compound) that can be sprinkled on bottom boards to attract varroa and increase the effectiveness of mite boards.

Bee Maid considered project proposals in the area of apiculture or pollination research.  Preference was given to the area of honey, and the production of pure quality honey in the Canadian beekeeping industry.  Bee Maid Honey is the marketing organization owned by the Alberta Honey Producers Cooperative Ltd. and the Manitoba Cooperative Honey Producers Ltd.  Both member owned Cooperatives have lead the beekeeping industry in their support for beekeeping research. 

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