Manitoba Honey Producers

Manitoba Honey Cooperative processes and packages honey for its members and purchases raw wax.

Any beekeeper in Manitoba, Eastern Saskatchewan, and Northwestern Ontario is eligible to apply for membership. Applications for membership are considered by the Board of Directors at quarterly meetings. If approved, the beekeeper would establish membership by signing a marketing agreement. A member agrees to deliver all honey produced to the Cooperative, except honey house sales and honey for resale locally, providing such an amount does not exceed 7,500 pounds annually. Shipping bases are allocated to each member at no cost and Pool A quota rates are established each year based on a % rate of Bee Maid Honey's sales projection.

The Cooperative agrees to pay the premium price on Pool A honey and any excess honey over and above Pool A will be allocated to Pool B. Pool B honey is sold in the bulk market and receives returns in line with prevailing market conditions.

The Cooperative supplies 45 gallon barrels with gaskets for honey from the Manitoba plant. Freight assistance on the cost of transporting honey to Winnipeg is paid on a zone basis immediately following delivery of the honey along with the initial payment. The members are responsible for transportation costs of the empty drums. 

The fiscal year of the Cooperative runs from August 1 - July 31.  The deadline for honey deliveries is January 31. Members are paid as the honey is sold on the basis of an initial payment with subsequent interim payments historically in January, March and June with the final payment in November of the next crop year. By June 15 usually 90% is paid to the members. Members can apply for advances on honey. Members may leave their money on deposit with the Cooperative with the interest rate paid on a member credit balance 1/2 % below the prime rate and 1% over prime on an account in a deficit position.

Insurance coverage is provided on raw honey sealed in drums at the member's location and also extends to honey being accumulated and harvested.
A copy of the policies and history of the Manitoba Cooperative is available in pdf format.  Download policy.

Manitoba Contact:
625 Roseberry Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3H 0T4
Phone:     (204) 783-2240
Fax:     (204) 783-8468    

Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday  8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Winnipeg Bee Supply Store Hours:  
April - September    Monday to Friday   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
October - March     Monday to Friday    8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Hwy #3
Tisdale, Saskatchewan
S0E 1T0
Phone:     (306) 873-2521

Tisdale Bee Supply Store Hours:
April - September    Monday - Friday   8:00 am - 5:00 pm

October - March      Monday - Friday   8:30 am - 5:00 pm