From Bee to Bottle

People often ask "How does Bee Maid make their honey?". Technically, we don’t make any honey: we just put it into containers. The honeybees do all of the production work.  The manufacture of honey is one of nature’s most amazing processes, the end result of which Bee Maid honey is happy to pass on to our customers.

In a nutshell, this is how honey is made.  Worker honeybees visit thousands of flowers, and collect nectar from them, storing it inside their bodies in a special “honey stomach”. While inside the bee, the nectar mixes with a number of proteins and enzymes produced by the bees, starting the honey-making process. When the worker honeybees return to the hive, they transfer the nectar into the beeswax comb, and repeat the process until the combs are full. The bees then fan the air around the stored nectar with their wings, drying the moisture out of it and preparing it for long-term storage:  during this process the nectar thickens and eventually transforms into what we recognize as honey. When this is done, the bees cap the honeycomb with wax and move on to the next empty combs, beginning all over again. 

By late summer or early fall, the hives are full of capped honey, ready to go. The beekeepers remove the combs, extract the honey, pour it into drums, and ship it to Bee Maid, ready to be packed. In many ways, the smallest and most valuable workers on our production line, the honeybees, aren’t even on our payroll!