Classic Creamed Honey

Proudly owned by over 300 Western Canadian beekeepers. These beekeepers live in your communities and provide their 100% Canadian pure honey in every tub of BeeMaid creamed honey.

Creamed Honey

Prepared using a delicate process of adding crystallized honey to liquified raw honey and mixing it until the honey has a smooth, creamed texture that melts in your mouth.

BeeMaid creamed honey is packaged conveniently with you in mind…

Creamed Honey

Packaged in different sizes for your convenience, pick up the smaller 500g tub for breakfast at the office and choose the larger 2kg tub for full-sized honey lovin’ families!

Sweet Fact #7

It’s not just delicious, it’s nutritious too! And, unlike other spreads, it’s made with just one, completely natural ingredient – honey.

Creamed Honey

BeeMaid honey is available in a variety of sizes at these retailers throughout Western Canada:

Proudly Owned by Canadian Beekeepers Proudly Owned by Canadian Beekeepers