Company History


In the early 1950’s a few Western Canadian beekeepers had a dream – a vision to form an organization, owned by Canadian beekeepers, that would have the capability to sell their quality Canadian honey throughout the world. Bee Maid Honey commenced operation in 1954 when the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Honey Co-Operatives agreed to market all their honey jointly. In 1961, the Alberta Honey Co-op participated with the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Co-Ops through Bee Maid Honey in developing the export market, and in 1962 began full participation in both the domestic and export markets.

In 1970 the Manitoba Co-Operative purchased the assets of the Saskatchewan Honey Co-Operative and amalgamated the membership. The Alberta Honey Producers Co-Operatives purchased the Honey Division of the Central Alberta Dairy Pool, situated at Bassano, Alberta, in 1976.

Thus, by 1976, the principle of beekeepers marketing their own honey was fully extended beyond provincial borders. Bee Maid Honey was marketing over one desk the entire volume of the Honey Co-Ops of Western Canada, with plants in Edmonton, Bassano, Tisdale, and Winnipeg.

Over time all packing was moved to the Winnipeg and Edmonton plants. In 1993 the Alberta Honey Producers built a new, modern packing facility in Spruce Grove, Alberta to replace the Edmonton plant.

The Beekeepers in Western Canada who supply Bee Maid have great pride in their ownership of Bee Maid Honey and take extreme care, in order to provide the best quality honey. There is no other honey company in Canada that sources all its honey from its owners. This structure ensures that the source of honey is consistent in quality year after year, bottle after bottle.  

To recognize the importance of  beekeepers to Bee Maid’s value chain, look for “Bee Maid Honey, proudly owned by Canadian beekeepers” on all Bee Maid containers. This statement encapsulates the history and pride of ownership and this is evident in the quality of BeeMaid honey.

It truly is “Good for You”.