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How much
Canadian honey is
in your bottle?

Make sure you know how to find the real facts.


What is the label
really saying?

It all starts with knowing
what you’re reading.

Canada No. 1 doesn't mean
the honey is from Canada!

Canada’s honey grading system is more about
characteristics of the honey than its origin.
It’s a rating of the honey’s moisture content,
and other features.

Terms like "all natural" and "Canada's
favourite honey"
might sound wholesome,
but they’re not real indicators of the
honey’s quality or origin.

Always read the
back label.

It’s where the real facts are found.

Some brands use a "blend" of foreign honey
and Canadian honey. You’ll find this
information on the back in teeny tiny print.
Whichever country is listed first is the origin
of at least 50% of the bottle’s contents
-and sometimes much more!

Your only guarantee is to
look for the statement:


If your honey says "Product of Canada" –
congratulations! You're eating 100%
Canadian honey. That means it's pure,
delicious, and safe.

BeeMaid is
100% Canadian!

And proud of it.


And best of all, our honey
just tastes great.

Remember to look for
BeeMaid 100% Pure Canadian Honey
next time you go shopping.